“Construction and Engineering for a Lifetime. “


AEPM starts the process for your project with a conceptual design.

We develop 2D and 3D models to aid in the visualization for the customer to understand and develop their project.

This process frequently overlaps with engineering as we determine what requirements the project will fall under and what they may mean for the look and details that are important to the customer.


Construction Documents – Specification, Drawings, and Bid Oversight

  • Development – Permitting, Design, Small Scale Wastewater and Construction;
  • Environmental – Permitting, Hazardous Waste Remediation, Monitoring, Stormwater & Erosion Control Plans, Spill Prevention Plans, Habitat Restoration, Brownfield Development;
  • Engineering Management;
  • CAD Design, Engineering and Renderings;
  • Environmental Assessments, Phase I;
  • Construction & Escrow Supervision; and
  • Consulting – Constructability Analysis, Reporting.

Construction + Deconstruction

AEPM delivers residential and commercial building services that exceeds quality and project management expectations.

We specialize in Timber Frame and Insulated Concrete Form technology to create your dreams. Hybrid buildings are the most energy efficient, quiet, and safest homes on the market.

Have an existing design or house drawings? We modify or make our own to accommodate ICF technology and maximize efficiency with the strength of the structure.

Justin Thompson, PE

Civil Engineer Registered in Oregon & Washington



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Decorative Concrete Patio
Decorative Concrete Patio prior to Construction of Timber Frame Pavilion

Asymmetric Engineering & Project Management, LLC

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